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Moving to The Hague in 2018 and restarting my artwork after a long and creative period in Texas, I was lucky enough to find the perfect space in the heart of Wassenaar, a beautiful, little town, just a few minutes from the center of The Hague. It provides me the opportunity to create and exhibit my artwork in the same space. Thus, visitors can follow the process and observe the progress of my work while browsing through the exhibition, all during "Open Studio" times.

About the Artist

Liane Anna Schaefer is a German artist who grew up near the confluence of Luxembourg, France, and Germany. The exposure to diverse cultures has influenced the way she sees the world, and is reflected in her artworks. Before turning her attention to painting full-time, Liane Schaefer treated patients as an osteopath in Germany. Her artist’s hands worked in a different but related way, intuitively communicating sensitivity to life and nature through touch.

Today Liane Schaefer lives and paints mainly in Wassenaar, in The Netherlands. She uses the canvas as a place to transform her emotions into a tangible and readable language. The result is a cross between painting and sculpture that evokes an immediate sensation through tactile textures. Inspired by nature, she creates shapes that are a unique interpretation of what she sees infused with her own emotion and intellectual aestheticism.

Liane Schaefer’s work has been called “informalist” by her mentor and instructor, the painter and conservator Antonio Loro, with whom she studied for six years. He taught her traditional techniques using oils, and emphasized ways of creating new colors with basic pigments. He also introduced her to the method she now prefers, which falls somewhere between painting and sculpture, and incorporates mixed media. Dr. Loro considers her technique a reflection of the way she absorbs external images and visually represents their relevance using her own interpretive language. Hers is an expressive vision in which texture, composition, and color come together to create otherworldly atmospheres.


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